Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Aloha Guys,

I though I would talk today about an amazing website/ app for books lovers called Goodreads.
Goodreads is a social network all about books, you can write/ read reviews about almost every (possibly even every) book published. as part of the reviews you can rate the books on a star system 1-5 stars, each book has its own page where you can see it overall star rating, read the blurb of the book and find similar books that you might like to read next. I think that this site just opens your eyes to books that you might not have thought to read, it has introduced me to some great authors by recommending books to me.
It also allows to sort and save books onto "bookshelves" named, "read", "to read" and "reading" as well as having the opinion to add your own shelves. I like to have a shelf called "books to find in the library" so when I get there I dont forget, it allows you to constant update and move books around which is great.
Overall a must visit for any book lover as it is very easy to use, you can even find your facebook friends and see what they are reading/ their opinions on certain books.

If you want to check out my page and a have a good look around the site click the link below.


Hope you have a happy evening and find a good book to read.


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